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Investment Focus
The Principals of Nexus have experience investing in and advising companies in various stages of development, across sectors including medical devices, diagnostics, biotechnology, specialty pharmaceutical, drug discovery tools, software, communications and information technology and advanced materials. We are active globally and will consider not only domestic transactions but also offshore (ex-US) transactions with companies located in Europe, the Middle East and Asia who are seeking to penetrate the US market. In finding appropriate locations for the US operations of offshore portfolio companies, we seek out areas in the US where technologies, research environment, skilled manpower, technology infrastructure and quality of life will be attractive to non-US companies desiring to establish operations here. 
We believe that the strength and background experience of the management team will almost always define a company's opportunity for success. We look for proven management teams that are passionately driven to succeed.
Investment Assessment
Our detailed assessment of an investment candidate includes the global evaluation of the company and its competition. Some of the key aspects of the candidate include its:
  • products and technologies and their market opportunity
  • intellectual property;
  • unresolved legal issues;
  • current regulatory status and remaining regulatory pathway;
  • risk factors and means of overcoming risks;
  • historical and future financial performance;
  • future requirements for human and financial resources;
  • exit strategy and timetable for achieving liquidity.
Why Nexus?
Given our long experience in the investment business and our extensive network of global relationships, we are value-added investors who are actively involved with our portfolio companies. We have a proven track record of helping our companies raise capital and realize exits, either through public listing or via acquisition/merger, both domestically and internationally. Our international network of corporate and financial contacts forged over 30 years is made available to our portfolio companies to:
  • accelerate their growth and their expansion into both US and foreign markets;
  • identify and attract executive talent, board members, advisors, and consultants;
  • assist in devising market and business development strategies;
  • access institutional fundraising sources;
  • connect with marketing and development partners and strategic customers.
Submission of Business Plans
We invite the submission of executive summaries and business plans for review. Materials may be sent to our email address (see Contact Us). While we observe a policy of confidentiality regarding such materials, submissions should not be construed as our having signed a confidentiality agreement. We look forward to reviewing appropriate opportunities with you.