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The Nexus investment style is a pro-active one. Our goal is to achieve maximum returns for our investors. We seek out the best investment opportunities—we don't wait for them to find us. We also believe in strong syndicates and over the last few years, we have co-invested with over 50 national and international investment firms.

Once we make the decision to invest, we devote our time, energy, and resources to do whatever it takes to help our portfolio companies succeed. We provide much more than capital: we utilize our experience and international network to give our companies a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

As a current example of our global network in action, Nexus is an investor in a company that is replacing animal testing with complex in vitro assays with maximal human relevance and predictive value. Nexus has introduced the company to two European companies that are engaged in complementary and synergistic businesses, greatly increasing the opportunity for accelerated growth and access to wider capital markets.

Gone are the days when IPOs routinely delivered profitable liquidity. Now exits are the result of investors' hard work to mold the portfolio company into something an acquirer will want to buy and then to successfully market the company to potential acquirers (with or without the assistance of investment bankers). With its substantial experience in private equity fund management and its extensive network of contacts in the US, Europe and Asia, Nexus is consistently in a strong position to assist companies in achieving exits as well as cross border licensing transactions and corporate collaborations.